SRC Gryphon Sensors is proud to be collaborating with NASA on UTM – UAS Traffic Management. Building on its legacy in air traffic management for commercial aircraft, NASA is leading the charge in researching prototype technologies for a UTM system that will develop airspace integration requirements to enable safe, efficient low-altitude operations.

High-level objectives include:

  • Operational rules and guidelines
  • UAS requirements
  • CNS requirements
  • Airspace management requirements
  • Data services, interfaces and architecture requirements

SRC Gryphon Sensors is working with NASA and more than 200 industry collaborators on four Technical Capability Airspace Management Demonstrations (TCL 1-4) between 2015 and 2019.  Each of the planned demonstrations builds on the prior capabilities to show BVLOS CONOPS and performance in increasingly complex environments including rural, urban, high traffic, shared airspace and contingency operations.

Results of research in the form of airspace integration requirements are expected to be transferred from NASA to the FAA in 2019 for further testing.