FAA Pathfinder


SRC Gryphon Sensors supported the FAA Linear Inspection Pathfinder providing UAS and General Aviation (GA) surveillance capability as part of BNSF’s research of BVLOS operations in the Southwestern US. SRC Gryphon Sensors provided 2 operational radar systems for the duration of the testing which consisted of over 170 sorties flown to provide data to the FAA as part of the BVLOS safety case.  The surveillance data was evaluated and determined to be effective in detecting low flying GA aircraft and providing warnings to UAS pilots. This allows sufficient time to alter the UAS flight path and avoid the risk of collision with the GA.

The testing conducted in New Mexico ultimately resulted in the granting of permission to BNSF to expand BVLOS research along additional sections of rail in multiple states. SRC Gryphon Sensors’ radars provide situational awareness to the pilot in areas in proximity to small  towns and GA airports.