FAA Pathfinder


Gryphon Sensors is proud to be working on one of the FAA’s Focus Area Pathfinder Programs. Through this initiative, the FAA is conducting research on beyond visual line of site (BVLOS) operations in remote rural areas to inspect rail infrastructure and study command-and-control issues.

Gryphon is providing radar surveillance (non-cooperative) data — contributing to the safety case to allow aerial inspection of linear infrastructure such as rail lines and power lines. This enables drones to fly BVLOS without the use of multiple visual observers and without the need to take critical assets off-line during inspection. Detecting non-cooperative air traffic at long ranges provides UAS pilots the data necessary to maintain a high level of safety for their mission and the surrounding airspace.

By working with the FAA in a close and transparent partnership, the collaborators on this project are gathering data and developing a body of knowledge to enable the FAA to implement policy for BVLOS operations — resulting in longer, automated UAS flight operations.