SRC Gryphon Sensors’ UAS detection technology was demonstrated as part of the FAA’s UAS Detection Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRDA), at Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) the week of April 24, 2017. The demonstration consisted of a week-long series of real world flights conducted by the FAA and the Texas Test Site at the DFW airport concurrent with regular operations.

The tests utilized a number of different types of emulated non-cooperative UAS (roto-craft, fixed wing, larger, smaller) within the Part 107 designation, flying several varied flight patterns over and around a runway and taxiway area during off-peak hours. The surveillance and detection system provided and installed by SRC Gryphon Sensors generated UAS detection and classification information on test targets flown. The results demonstrated the ability to provide operationally valuable information to mitigate potential safety risks of UAS airspace without coordination or authority.

The data collected during the demonstration is being analyzed by the FAA with a final technical evaluation due in early 2018.

FAA Expands Drone Detection Pathfinder Initiative