About Us

Our Mission: To deconflict the world’s low-altitude airspace, enabling safe commercial UAS operations while protecting critical infrastructure.

SRC Gryphon Sensors provides the most sophisticated systems to detect, track and identify low-altitude, small unmanned aircraft systems, birds and other hard-to-detect airborne traffic.

Using an innovative multi-spectrum approach, SRC Gryphon Sensors provides low-cost, best-in-class products to serve the drone security market and protect critical infrastructure from drones.

As a leader in this emerging industry, SRC Gryphon Sensors is also helping to safely integrate UAS into the national airspace system (NAS). Our Gryphon SkylightTM solution helps enable BVLOS operations for commercial applications.

The UAS market will be a fast-changing environment for many years to come. SRC Gryphon Sensors will be your partner — providing customized solutions with sensors that continue to evolve with technology, threats and environmental changes. Don’t think of us as a vendor; know that we’re your best-in-class partner.


Headquartered in North Syracuse, New York, SRC Gryphon Sensors is located on the SRC, Inc. campus. Our robust lab facilities assist our engineers in designing, building and testing our sensor systems.


Our test chambers provide controlled environments for accurate measurement and calibration of antenna patterns, radar performance verification, and EMI emission and susceptibility characterization. These chambers are fully equipped to support characterization of advanced systems for radar, communication and applications.

  • Far-field anechoic chambers
    Our far-field chambers support testing from UHF through Ku band and are readily extendable up through millimeter waves.
  • Spherical near-field anechoic chamber
    Our 5m radius spherical near-field measurement system characterizes a wide variety of antenna systems. It was designed to meet the accuracy, digital control interface, power, weight and cooling requirements for modern active phased array radar systems.
  • Electromagnetic interference chamber
    Our EMI chamber supports a full range of pre-certification testing that addresses the U.S. Military Standard for electromagnetic compatibility, including radiated and conducted susceptibility and emissions.

manufacturing-headers-stress-screeningWe have access to more than 42,000 square feet of laboratory facilities dedicated to sophisticated research and development on advanced technologies.

  • Engineering lab space
    Nearly 19,000 square feet of radio frequency, communications and general-use lab space to support development, prototype system build, integration and testing, and limited production.
  • Environmental/temperature testing chambers
  • High-bay integration areas
    • We offer three high-bay integration areas totaling nearly 4,500 square feet.
  • High-performance computing labs
  • Prototype machine shop
  • RF screen rooms
  • Rooftop test decks
    There are five rooftop test decks to support multiple test scenarios with a variety of equipment including a 2.75m radome and 3-axis positioner.


manufacturing-headers-assembly-int-testAs part of the SRC enterprise, Gryphon Sensors works with SRCTec — our 136,000-square-foot in-house production facility. SRCTec provides turnkey build-to-print and custom manufacturing services that include test design, environmental qualification and a host of specialized requirements for the design and production of sensors.

SRCTec’s core proficiencies are final assembly, integration and test. Additional competencies include:

  • Manufacturing, process, test and quality engineering
  • Manufacturing program management
  • Materials management, shipping and receiving
  • Assembly, test, inspection and quality assurance
  • Customized RF test

As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, SRCTec is dedicated to achieving manufacturing excellence and exceeding quality standards. The company adheres to a range of IPC standards as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Voluntary Protection Program.